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Developing confidence in social skills

    1. Introduction to Our Etiquette Course

    2. What do you know about Etiquette?!

    3. Proper Introductions

    4. Let's Practice Our Introductions!

    5. Setting the Table Properly

    6. Setting the Table Properly Practice

    7. The Napkin

    8. Your interesting facts assignment

    1. Proper Table Conversations

    2. Proper Conversations Practice Session

    3. How to Eat Soup

    4. Setting the table for soup

    5. It's Dessert Time

    1. Zig Zag and Continental Dining

    2. The Big Quiz Game

    1. Thank You Notes

    2. How to eat pizza in the USA

    1. Report Reminder

    2. Submit your report here!

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Senior Instructor Margo Jordan-Baines

Our founder & CEO has led thousands of Etiquette and Empowerment lessons for children in elementary, middle, and high school. Having built the first facility in Houston, TX for Girl Empowerment and Youth Enrichment Margo has developed a unique way to engage and empower children. As a former U.S. Military Veteran, she has over 10 years of experience in communications and leadership. With a mixture of formal training with the American School of Protocol, Margo has developed the expertise needed to effectively train children in order to help them reach their full potential.