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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to self-esteem

    2. Self Esteem Quiz

    3. Healthy and Unhealthy Self-Esteem

    4. Let's find our self-esteem!

    5. Sing 'Til The Cows Come Home

    6. Turn in your song here!

    7. Health Check

    8. Congrats! You have completed Chapter 1!

    1. Proud as a Peacock

    2. Exploring My Own Self-Esteem

    3. Now that you've defined your own self-esteem

    4. Ways to Increase My Self-Esteem

    5. My Positive Attributes

    6. Positive Self Talk

    7. Problem Solving Will Increase Your Self-Esteem

    8. Congrats! You have completed Chapter 2!

    1. I am Great Because

    2. Things I Like About Me

    3. What Makes a Good Friend

    4. My Friends and Me

    5. My friends and me recording

    6. Me and My Friends

    7. Congrats! You have completed Chapter 3

    1. Finding your brave

    2. Brave starts here - Lizzie Velasquez

    3. Brave starts here activity

    1. Post Course Self Esteem Survey

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